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1. 植物源miRNA的消化吸收机制及其跨界调控作用。Stability and absorption mechanism of plant-derived miRNAs in mammalian gastrointestinal environment and their potential regulatory effects in cross-kingdom fashion.

2. 高灵敏度和特异性的核酸快速检测定量分析方法及其在食品领域的应用。Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods for nucleic acids (e.g. DNA, RNA) with ultrahigh sensitivity and specificity, and their applications in food science and engineering.

3. 食品功能因子的作用机理和高稳定性高吸收率纳米载体的构建。Molecular mechanisms behind phenotypes of food bioactive compounds and the construction of nano-scale vectors for specific delivery with high stability and bioavailability.



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2. 陕西省农业领域重点研发项目,2022NY-091,基于包涵体内特异性DNA的羊乳掺假检测技术的研发与示范,2022.1-2023.128.00万。

3. 陕西省农业领域重点研发项目,2018NY-095肉制品中食源性致病菌快速检测技术的研发与示范2018.1-2020.1215.00万。

4. 中央高校项教师自由探索项目,GK202003087,荧光量子点纳米材料辅助适配体扩增检测食源性致病菌的研究,2020.01-2021.126.00万。

5. 中央高校项教师自由探索项目,GK201603101,基于等温扩增的快速、可视化检测食品中有害微生物方法的研究,2016.1.1-2017.12.316.00万。



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